About Lombardo

Lombardo Iron and Metal is a privately owned waste solution provider, and is Philadelphia’s fastest growing recycling, container services, scrapping and removal company.


The Lombardo family has been an area institution since the 1920s. As a truck driver for his father, our president Joseph Lombardo Jr. grew up in the scrap and recycling business since a boy. A 4th generation “scrap guy”, Joe grew to understand this business like no one else; in the yard, behind the wheel and face to face with his customers.

When Joe chose to start his own company, he did it with the money in his pocket and sweat on his brow. In his mind, there was only one way to do business: The right way… keeping in mind the ever-growing concern of environmental impacts, utilizing modern technology and offering customer service that’s second to none.


Our business may have grown tremendously but our goals have remained the same. We hope to keep resources out of the landfill and pay our customer in cash on-the-spot for just about everything that can be recycled. We are also a full ‘waste management’ company, meaning we also offer full-service trash removal service, hazardous waste, construction debris, and are licensed for on-site demolition!


We built our business to move with the times and be flexible to your needs. If its 80lbs or 80,000lbs; you can come to us or we can come on site and reclaim cleanly, efficiently and courteously while never forgetting the customer needs to be paid top dollar! We excel at what makes us unlike other recycling companies, and we work everyday to earn your business!